World’s called Kadri, and the technological advances are almost the only two differenses between our worlds. Kaldri became too small faster, and therefore even knowing the dangers, it was necessary to colonize. It was only possible to create small baces on the other planets in the solar system. The first moon bace Shulzan, was completed in 7035 AG (after the gods), but non of them could be harboring life as we know it. In 7068 AG after years of desperate research, lack of space was a serious problem (a standard apartment was 2m3),the zero-feldt generator was discovered, a machine that can get a vessel to travel at several times the speed of light, and a serious search for a new planet was finally possible. In 7072 AG we finally found a suitable planet, and we did not lack people who were willing to move to get more space, colonization started the following year in 7073AG. While building the new colony, we discovered something new and wonderful, we were no longer alone in the universe. Not much is known about these strangers in the general population, but they look very strange, and they are peaceful. We are now at the end of 7074AG, and this is where your story begins.


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